eCommerce Aid

All online shop design requires quality images and the only exception to this rule would be auction and second hand goods shop fronts, such as eBay and Pre-Loved.

There are hundreds of eCommerce solutions out there and, once the complex workings of the one you chose starts to become clear (we can help with this too), you realise how important your graphic images are.  Amazon and eBay Stores have strict regulations about sizes and content of product images for Merchants.  It is very frustrating for Merchants trying to keep continuity without being a dab hand at image editing software such as photoshop.

There are so many aspects to running an online shop from, the initial setup, product images, description and short description text, attributes, related products, special offers, tags, keywords for SEO….the list is endless.

We can aid with the following:

  • Online shop design appearance and continuity
  • Product image resizing & cropping
  • White space around product images
  • Realistic repetitive product mockups
  • Custom category images
  • Shop banner design
  • Custom advert images
  • Administration of products
  • Legal texts such as T & Cs
  • Training for Woocommerce
  • Facebook advert posts
  • Product labels
  • Advice on packaging
  • Local Networking Links
Online shop design & admin