Wordpress & Woocommerce Training

WordPress & Woocommerce Training

wp-wc-trainingIf you have a WordPress site and are finding it difficult to use, or would like to take it to the next level, then a session of one to one training may give you the confidence to get to grips with all the amazing features WordPress & Woocommerce have to offer.

Sessions are 2 hours and can be held in your home or office (subject to travel distance), minimum of 2 hours.  If there are others wishing to take part, then it is an extra £10 per hour per person due to the increased intensity required.

I also offer Skype sessions with screen sharing which can be more suitable for those with limited time or are outside of a reasonable travel distance.

Site Design & Renovation

Site Design

Site Design in this portfolio includes Wix.com templates, WordPress Woocommerce and Muse designs and….. a few concepts. Web Banners and other elements can be designed to add to any site via it’s content management system (CMS) in order to give a fresh new look, or improve on an existing one.

Please note that as the client is always left in full control of their own site and often, after training, they change their site entirely once they have found confidence.  For this reason, I have not included links, but can provide a list of links if required.

Organic SEO

SEO & Google Analytics

There are basic rules of SEO that you can achieve yourself without spending a further penny.

The most important of these are:

  • Optimize your site as you design. Domain name, Site Title, Page Titles, Image alt text, Header Tags to name but a few.  There are many inputs of relevant data for the search engines to score your site.
  • Use the fields in your eCommerce products effectively, tags help people find your products, keywords are for search engines.
  • Key Phrases can be more beneficial than Keywords. There is debate at the moment whether google are making this redundant.  Don’t believe all you read.
  • Create a Google Webmaster account then open an Analytics account using the same login.  You will need to submit a sitemap.xml and url and, you will need to put a tracking code on your website.
  • Submit your site to www.dmoz.org…..the Holy Grail of site submission where all other search engines go to for refreshment.
  • Get this book and take your time digesting the logic – SEO for Dummies, it’s actually the most informative and least jargonistic I have seen so far.

Please contact us for more information on basic, organic SEO.