SEO & Google Analytics

There are basic rules of SEO that you can achieve yourself without spending a further penny.

The most important of these are:

  • Optimize your site as you design. Domain name, Site Title, Page Titles, Image alt text, Header Tags to name but a few.  There are many inputs of relevant data for the search engines to score your site.
  • Use the fields in your eCommerce products effectively, tags help people find your products, keywords are for search engines.
  • Key Phrases can be more beneficial than Keywords. There is debate at the moment whether google are making this redundant.  Don’t believe all you read.
  • Create a Google Webmaster account then open an Analytics account using the same login.  You will need to submit a sitemap.xml and url and, you will need to put a tracking code on your website.
  • Submit your site to…..the Holy Grail of site submission where all other search engines go to for refreshment.
  • Get this book and take your time digesting the logic – SEO for Dummies, it’s actually the most informative and least jargonistic I have seen so far.

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